"It's not your typical barbeque sauce"
Testimonials for Black Swamp Gourmet™  BBQ Sauce
The sweet and spicy combination of Black Swamp Gourmet™  Barbeque Sauce brings out a unique new dimension to my typical cast of grilling characters (chicken, ribs, chops and burgers).  Reserved only for my family and special guests, it’s always a hit.  I could make quite a few friends happy at Christmas with a jar or two!

Jim H.
Jackson, MI
I have been a fan of Black Swamp Gourmet™  Barbeque Sauce since the first time I tried it.  It has a great initial taste with just the correct amount of habanero.  It’s HOT!! but not so hot that you can't taste anything else.  I live by my grill and have served Black Swamp Gourmet™  Barbeque Sauce at several family functions over pork, chicken and shrimp.  It has been met with great reviews.
Doug Z.
Toledo, OH
Black Swamp Gourmet™  Barbeque Sauce makes me want to get my grill out!! (In January!)

Larry L.
Toledo, OH
I used Black Swamp Gourmet™  Barbeque Sauce on steak as well as tried it as a dipping sauce for chicken. There aren’t many products on the market that I’ve seen that offer a versatile spicy barbeque sauce. I’ll be using it this summer and coming back for more! Loved it…great sauce!

Lily L.
Ann Arbor, MI

I just have to tell you this.  I had a dinner party at our house last night and I had several different meats on the grill.  I had several sauces, (horseradish sauce, honey mustard..etc.. and my Black Swamp!)  Had your sauce not been a huge hit I would have kept it quiet and wouldn’t be sending you this email at all. BUT, your sauce was LOVED by everybody.  I think my Dad ate half the jar!!!  You now have several new fans !!!! 

Amy J.
Toledo, OH 

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