Serving Suggestions:

Try Black Swamp Gourmet™ Barbeque Sauce:

Brushed on any grilled meat or fish a few times
toward the end of cooking.
Added to your favorite sauce for a little more zing.
To spice up sandwiches or hamburgers.
In your favorite meatloaf recipe.
In pulled pork or chicken in the crock-pot.
To add spice to any of your favorite dishes.
Added to your favorite spaghetti sauce, just a tablespoon or two is all it takes.
On grilled shrimp for a spicy flavor.
On broiled or grilled salmon during last part of 
cooking until it's bubbly & glazed.
Added to your favorite baked bean recipe.
On pizza.
On wings!
This is one of our favorite ways to prepare wings!!
A big hit at parties!!
You'll never buy pre-made sauce again!!
Great way to spice up an old favorite recipe!!
Bob would never eat Salmon until we tried this recipe!!  He's eaten it more this year than he has his entire life!!
A totally new twist on Kielbasa!!  A real crowd pleaser.
A tasty, fool-proof recipe.
This recipe has nothing to do with our barbeque sauce, but it's so good that we just had to share it!  And it does have the whole "swamp" thing going for it.  Reprinted with permission from Food For Thought Magazine.
One of our new favorites!  Try it with avocado and iceberg lettuce!!  Sooo good!
Five of the above recipes in a single document. If you have been to one of our events lately you may have one of these.
 "It's not your typical barbeque sauce"
      Our Sauces are Vegetarian and Gluten                  Free
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Sweet & TangySweet & SpicySweet & Fiery
   Regular or Spicy Rub for Chicken, Beef or Pork

A twist on Buffalo style dip.
Another one of our favorites. Use Mild, Hot or Fiery sauce.